Badly Enough

You will get anything in Life,provided you want it badly.

To HD or not to HD?

One of my friends/cousin bought a 29" flat TV with no DVI or HDMI/HDCP input. He chose age old NTST/PAL/SECAM and component video inputs which have lasted for decades in...

27th July: Time to Build

It’s core all the way.27th July 2006, will be remembered as a key milestone in human history and its progress. Computing will...

WC 2006 - My Predictions

I am expecting several "Crashes/Surprises/Disappointments", BUT, I am not predicting any.Here is my list of First -> Second -> Quarter -> Semi -> Finalists -> Winner Predictions

Finally Mobile

PolooloP11th June 2005Finally after 58 years of the the...